$100 Shine Project Giveaway- Casey Leigh

casey leigh shares beautiful art across so many different mediums- her own paintings, her photography, her words, her fashion, her heart. today, she is combining her fashion and her heart with an awesome giveaway and shout-out to an incredible mission that she supports: the shine project. a project committed to employing and empowering youth in inner cities in america make jewelry, pay for college, and learn life skills. check out casey here. the shine project here. and enter to win a giveaway on her blog post, linked below. best of luck!

from casey leigh:



Sweet Ashley and I are long time friends. She has stayed with my family here in Dallas before and is one of my first “blog” friends. What she does with Inner City Youth is absolutely amazing…she has the biggest heart in the world and supporting her makes me so happy.
SO excited to have her as part of my giveaways leading up to Christmas! Giving away $100 today, woot woot! Check her out, she truly is a treasure!
{photos & words courtesy of thewiegands.com}

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