3 Creative Ways to Love Kids Through Hard Spots- A Holy Experience

between ann voskamp and the guest writers she features on her website, you will find loads- GOBS- of wise instruction and experience for women as women, women as wives, and women as mothers all in one beautiful place. this most recent post on how to reach them and love them in the hard spots- from a mom of TEN- has been tucked away into my mama toolkit as a foundational approach and future ammunition for the mood swing years to come.

by mary ostyn for a holy experience


3 Creative Ways to Love Kids Through Hard Spots

When Mary Ostyn and her high school sweetheart got married at 19, neither of them knew what adventures would lay ahead. By their 8th anniversary, they had four kids. Not long after that, God opened their eyes to the need of orphans all over the world, a need that dovetailed beautifully with their complete and utter passion for kids.  She and her husband now lives in Nampa, Idaho with the youngest six of their ten children, including four daughters born in Ethiopia and two sons born in South Korea. A grace to welcome the wisdom and joy that is Mary to the farm’s front porch today…

by Mary Ostyn

Her entrance into the kitchen from the garage was punctuated by a sharp door slam.

Three seconds later, after gruffly refusing a snack, she’d already disappeared into her room.

A little later I peeked in to say hi and see how things were going, but her head never came up from her schoolbooks and I retreated before conversation could go south.

Another hard day at school, it seemed?



{photo & words courtesy of aholyexperience.com}

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