365 Days (A Birthday Post)- Natalie Falls

a touching post written by natalie falls- a beautiful writer & mother- as she reflects on her birthday. another year passed by…

365 Days (A Birthday Post)

Reflecting on 365 days seems impossible. The days blur together, but somehow all of them are important. They are significant to who I am today. If you asked me what my most memorable days of thirty-one were, you would probably be suprised by my answer. You might guess that it was the day my first book was released. It was an exciting day, but it wasn’t my most memorable. Or you might think it was the day I found out I was pregnant with my baby that grows inside my belly today. It was special, but it didn’t change me like you might think.

The most memorable days were the ones that made me feel pain and loss. In July I sat at the edge of my aunt’s bed and desperately focused on her sweet voice as she spoke her last words to me. That day I experienced heavenly joy, but also deep sadness. It was a day that felt…

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{words & photo courtesy of nataliefalls.com}

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