7 Fictional Women Whose Life Stories Inspire Us- Huff Post

as a fan of literature and powerful young ladies, i thoroughly enjoyed this light-hearted piece. i hope you do too…

from the huffington post:


7 Fictional Women Whose Life Stories Inspire Us

Emily Byrd Starr Emily is the heroine LM Montgomery wrote after Anne of Green Gables and its many sequels, when she was sick of being “dragged at Anne’s chariot wheels”. In 1920, she confided in her diary, “I am done with Anne forever… I want to create a new heroine now… Her name is Emily. She has black hair and purplish grey eyes.” Emily is also an orphan and also wants to write, but where Anne is winsome, Emily is watchful. Her relatives try to stop her writing, gnawing away at her self esteem until she’s driven into the arms of a bitter, toxic man called Dean Priest. It takes huge courage for her to break free of him, and to put her writing first. She’s the perfect inspiration for anyone whose dreams are threatened by envy, negativity or self-doubt.
Jane Eyre At first I thought Charlotte Brontë’s plain governess heroine was boring and smug, but she’s really not. She’s clever, she questions authority, she knows beauty is only skin deep, and she sticks to her guns….
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