90-Year-Old Arrested for Feeding Homeless Will Continue ‘As Long As There Is Breath In My Body’- HuffPost

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90-Year-Old Arrested For Feeding Homeless Will Continue ‘As Long As There Is Breath In My Body’

Arnold Abbott, 90, has been cited twice and faces 60 days in jail for feeding homeless people. But the committed Florida advocate has no plans to stop his mission anytime soon.

“We will continue as long as there is breath in my body,” the WWII veteran told the Sun Sentinel on Wednesday.

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“Chef Arnold,” who’s been helping the hungry for two decades, was first arrested on Nov. 2 on the heels of Fort Lauderdale’s passing of a controversial ban. The ordinance restricts public feedings and requires groups to bring portable toilets for workers, according to the Sentinel.

Abbott, who founded the missionary group Love Thy Neighbor, returned to Fort Lauderdale beach on Nov. 6 where he was cited again by police, the Associated Press reported. On Sunday, he pushed back against Mayor Jack Seiler in a debate organized by Local10 and reaffirmed his commitment to his cause.

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Seiler told Abbott he respects his mission, but just wants…


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