A call for feedback.

today is friday. and i am thrilled.

…if anyone has advice on how to keep kids (who am i kidding, and myself…) from being spent by the end of the week where all we feel like and should be doing on the weekend is rest, i’m all ears. this weekend holds lazy mornings, one of our favorite date destinations, and our newly shifted evening church service– where this sunday they are trialling a “feed kids dinner around a table” type of fellowship while we are in the service. genius.

inspo readers, would you fill out a survey for me? the vision for this space is to be a community- highlighting positivity that’s out there, instilling my own love & expression from in here, and working together with YOU to create a space that you want to come back to right here. that said, i have compiled a simple list of questions that will take about 3 minutes of your time and i would be so grateful if you would provide your precious & cherished feedback as to what you like, what you want more of, and really anything else you would like to share.

for me, inspo is a young little seedling. i often yearn for it to grow into a beautiful plant with far reaching petals of encouragement and involvement and reproducing seeds that take on a life of their own. however, just like i need to often be reminded with all things in life- it requires water, organic growth, and a loose hand to become the plant it is to be. there is no picture on the packet of this seed. and your feedback? that’s crucial. it’s the fertilizer. (the organic fertilizer, to be sure. no need to add something else to our watch list of things we are being poisoned with…) that’s another post.

much love and thank you for being a part of this space in any capacity that you have…


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