a few friday favorites

i stopped in m&s for some milk and left with a dream. a dream of going thru life in a cashmere onesie. i was mature enough to walk away from the situation until i could make a more well thought-out decision. i’ve been daydreaming… sitting around our house christmas mornings for many years to come, kids growing up before our eyes, laughter, a warm fire, celebrating our Savior’s birth. wearing a cashmere onesie.
and my friend mandy? she’s about as chic as they come. and she recently recommended this little tool and i promptly added it to my birthday/christmas wishlist (for myself). feels fairly appropriate to begin taking care of my skin now that i’m (almost) 30 and all.. clarisonic, please come meet my face.
while i’m on skin care. goodness me. my very enthusiastic lush expert talked to me of the creaminess and butteriness of this face mask. and i appreciated her enthusiasm so much that i went with it. and i’m so glad i did. i usually make the paste, put it on my face before i hop in the shower and come out all fresh. and buttery.
and lest you think my favorites are all focused on myself………………
i am shopping these for the little gals for christmas and the latter for the little dude.
…i know.
favorite reads…
first third and last third parts of this one.
starting this one in december. preparing my heart and cleansing my mind from all of this apparent consumerism…
just digging into this one.
and thanks to ashley, adding this one to the list.
and thanks to kate & chellena, this one is next.
and let’s end favorites with some favorite perspectives:
channeling some of these thanksgiving ideas.
everything, everything, everything she has to say over here. especially this piece.
this “best recipe” series
i am new to the idea of “pop up shops.” but i think it’s ingenious and oh so fun.
have a lovely weekend.


  1. by meganstannard on December 1, 2013  12:55 pm Reply

    Cashmere onsie is an absolute must! Divine!

  2. by Alethea Taylor on July 29, 2014  1:02 pm Reply

    Where oh where is this cashmere onesy? Looks very chic and comfy!

    • by kaceylake on August 7, 2014  12:07 pm Reply

      it was an M&S christmas special…. we might have to wait until december :)

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