A Grace Garden – by A Holy Experience


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Carly here! Today is Maudy Thursday, and Easter is on the hearts and minds of Christians across the globe. And somehow the gravity of the holiday can be lost in plastic eggs and bunny ears. I am all about stuffing candy in eggs and taking a thousand pictures of my kids searching for them, but sometimes I wonder if I should channel my energy into something more meaningful as a family activity. In an Easter-themed Internet search this morning, I found myself down a rabbit trail (no pun intended) and stumbled across this old post from A Holy Experience.

Ann Voskamp (author of A Holy Experience) created this “visual parable” called a Grace Garden. She touted this as a family activity, but I think it’s a beautiful reminder for adults as well.

She wrote-


Back there in the beginning, we all fell in a garden.

And Christ, He falls to the ground in the garden of Gethsemane.

And He begins to right our fall.

So the kids and I, we put our hands into dirt,

and we remember our garden fall and His garden grace,

and we make a Grace Garden for Easter.


How to Make A Grace Garden for Easter

This is what we did:

We gathered
1. a basket, some dirt,

2. some plants at the nursery, a beginning too,

3. tramped to the woods for just the perfect moss

4. found a wee glass dish for a pond, a few shells too {optional}

5. and  drilleda hole in a stone. {or use a small planting pot or peat pot, laying on its side}

6. We planted a garden, {filled a pond with water}, laid the flattest, the smallest (they were sure) stones from our lane, as a winding path to the tomb and our great freedom coming.



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