a little prayer- #jesuischarlie


oh Abba, i come to you with an aching heart for your children once again. your beloved children whom you knew by name. knew the story of their lives and the unique touches you put into their personalities. we pray that your presence would fill the atmosphere around the world, around this tragedy. that the loved ones of the victims and onlookers would be given a supernatural breeze of peace while they mourn. a freedom from the chains of this world that would stir their souls in a way that they could know love. the love of an almighty Father who grieves with them. grieves at the state of terror and hatred that is consuming our generation. Father, unite your people in a way that can overcome the hatred and the violence and the outrageous injustice. don’t let fear or retaliation or hatred to brew back in us. but fill us with the fruit that you have promised and envisioned since the creation of the world- joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, self-control. for and towards all. allow this tragedy to awaken people to not be overcome by evil, but to overcome evil WITH good. small acts in each of our little worlds and big acts as a result of the small acts. to somehow pour love back out there in the midst of sadness and confusion and pain. may the families of the victims see this love as a reminder that hatred is the enemy. not us vs them. bless the hatred, Lord. bless those who have been convinced that hatred and violence are ever the answer. you have the power to overcome their force with one quick movement. yet you allow it to go on. our knowledge is but a fleck of dust compared to your understanding and sovereignty of this world. give wisdom. give glimpses of your glory. give strength and love to this hurting generation. amen.

je suis charlie{photo courtesy of DailyMail.co.uk}

evil. hurt. pain. injustice. justification of sides, beliefs. disconnects.

what do we do that with? we can’t boil it all down to a simple solution because we are complex creatures living in a complex and fallen world. we can be in charge of our own personal response. for some, it is being a part of one of the actual protests going on around the country. for some, it is behind the scenes, working towards amending laws and treaty agreements that can bring better justice to our society- which we can always stand to be doing. for some, it will be to pray quietly in own homes, with our families. grieving the loss of life and the mark that such violence and injustice leaves on a whole generation.

but one thing we all have the power to do in response to pain, injustice, hurt in our world is to love it back. and overcome evil with good. not ignore evil. not be mad at evil. not be overwhelmed by evil.

do good back at it. 


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  1. by Blaire on January 8, 2015  10:04 pm Reply

    beautiful Kacey. so thankful for a loving, merciful savior.

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