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I heard Katherine Wolfe speak last year and I was deeply inspired by her story. It was fascinating to listen to someone speak so hopefully and peacefully about their suffering. (In brief: Katherine endured a massive brain stem stroke at the age of 26, and her survival was nothing short of miraculous.) Katherine and her husband have recently started a ministry called Hope Heals, and recently posted about a Young Suffering Club. I felt so compelled to spread the word because Community brings such comfort in a time of suffering; how important fellow mourners are to those who mourn.

Read Katherine’s Wolfe’s story here. Watch her story here:

Young Suffering Club

7 years ago, on an ordinary day in April,we became members of the Young Suffering Club (read that story, here). We didn’t join willingly, and if we could have revoked our membership, we would have. Yet this club of which no one wants to be a part has many members, maybe even you.

In a secular world-view, there is perhaps no greater tragedy than suffering inflicted upon a young life. Such a story reveals our greatest fear…that we won’t get to live the lives we always dreamed we might live. We grieve the loss of innocence, the pain of unmet expectations, and the shattering of our best-laid plans, and we are undone.

This is not just a secular response. It seems even the “people of hope” often forget the true story of hope, one that is most profoundly birthed through the story of suffering. We need look no further than the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ to see this paradox of hope-through-suffering made manifest.

Hope Heals’ “Young Suffering Club” seeks to re-narrate the story of suffering by sharing the lives and lessons of real people–their honest answers, vulnerable struggles, and surprising transformations through enduring life’s greatest storms. As we share the scars and even the yet-to-be-healed wounds that come with such territory, the question remains…could we bravely wear our suffering as a badge of honor? Could what appears to be the greatest loss possibly offer the greatest gain?


{Photos courtesy of Hope Heals.}


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