a nursery tour.

we’re taking a sneak peek into my little guy’s room. it’s the nursery. jamesy will probably live in the “nursery” for the rest of his life…
our house is located on a quiet street in the borough of chelsea. we overlook the church that charles dickens was married in 1836. we don’t know the age of our home, but we assume it was built close to the time of the church, which was built in 1819.
jr’s room is on the third floor of our 4-story flat. when you get to the top of the staircase to the third floor, there is a small landing with 2 doors. one goes to the girls’ room and the other goes to jr’s. we spend many, many afternoons playing in the two rooms and on the landing.
jr is a rockstar sleeper and spends 15+ hours a day in his crib, in his crib. he’s such a rockstar sleeper that if you leave a pillow on the floor, he will find that pillow and lay his head down. and lie there just a little bit longer than you are picturing. his favorite toy is the old school top¬†that great grandma gave the girls when we visited her in florida. and he finds anything that could possibly resemble a car and “vroooom vrooom vrooooooooms” it around the floor, walls, and sisters. and give the boy a hammer? he will fix anything. (watch your ankles).
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