A Prayer for all of the weary Thursday mothers- Lisa-Jo Baker

Beautiful encouragement shared by Lisa-Jo Baker. Her words fell on needy ears over here today…

A prayer for all the weary Thursday mothers

May today be its own unique story.

May we remember that these kids aren’t an interruption, a distraction or a nuisance. May we open our eyes to this morning and remember that the two sleepy heads crawling into our bed are a gift.

May we wash out bottles and fill them up with milk and extra doses of patience as we stumble through the pre-dawn dark without our contact lenses and lean over baby beds to whisper good mornings and offer comfort and welcome for the day.

May we find joy in what delights our children as you, Lord, delight in us.

May we make breakfast, lunch and dinner and feed them heaped helpings of love sandwiched between Graham crackers and grace…



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{Photo courtesy of LisaJoBaker.com}


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