Adding plants to your home

i came across this gorgeous air plant & floating holder. and have been eagerly awaiting its arrival ever since. because i ordered it on the spot. i love having green life in our home and it’s one of those things that the husband and i can always agree on. more palms. i also have visions of a bowl of a giant cactus on a coffee table. you know, once there aren’t little hands conducting how spiky is it? experiments…

check out this inspired etsy shop…handmade sam*made

etsy banner

this is the hanging plant i ordered. the himmeli fig 1.

air plant


{photos courtesy of Etsy: Handmade Sam*Made shop}


are you thinking about placing an order for yourself? tell her INSPO sent you! would love to shower her with love & support for her craft and incredible vision.

and while we are at it. please indulge with me about my visions of a cactus in our living room…

cactus living room{photo courtesy of bohemianhomes.tumblr}



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