an interview & a london phone booth

there are so many things calling for our attention every single day. i’m about to add another.

this interview with malala yousafzai is worthy of your time. the vision of this young lady to see all children receive an education is changing the world. her voice and determination are bringing about awareness and conversation around such a vital part of aiding the aches & pains around the world now and for the future. her fire is shining bright & hot and i love that even a noble peace prize doesn’t make her feel like she’s succeeded, because that’s simply not her goal- as she so eloquently says here. take some time and listen. and be empowered and make a difference somewhere. stick up for whatever it is that lights your fire.

which got me thinking about my own fire. which seems to be revealing itself in a very slow and excitingly tedious process.

i have been given a gift. the gift of disgusting london telephone booths that are covered in sex ads and flyers of ridiculously provocative naked women. the gift lies in the opportunity to regularly stop in my the tracks of my day and take all of the ads down. suffering the smell, the discouragement when they are plastered yet again, and the hard to read looks of on-lookers. yesterday when i was doing it, there was a pile of human poop in the corner. yet the rush of saving even one child’s eyes from seeing the flyers? or 1 woman who was about to be called upon from a certain booth on my street? my goodness. i say this because it is such a small thing. so small and so seemingly insignificant that each time i’m tempted to just pass by. seemingly insignificant things have a way of doing that. but the seemingly insignificant things also have a way of fanning the flame of the fire. and what else is there besides that?

go. spread some good. use your voice and your gut feelings.

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  1. by Meg on November 12, 2015  7:26 pm Reply

    Yes, Kacey! Keep it up sister!

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