Apple Stamp Table Runner- DesignSponge

so here i am sitting in my favorite quiet spot in the basement of a coffee shop in the heart of chelsea in london, and i am at this gorgeous slab of wood of a table. and i came across this fun and smart DIY and i’m daydreaming about the day when i can fit a big table like this in a bigger dining room than our london flat currently provides. where the table is filled with friends and kids and messes and DIY table runners. ahh… will you do this vicariously for me? and spread it across your big, beautiful dining table? or city-dwellers, take a minute with me to long for something like that yet find yourself equally grateful for incredible coffee shops around the corner from you with quiet little spaces where you can enjoy good food and diverse culture? that grass is always greener, no?

either way, feast your eyes on this incredible DIY table runner by the always extraordinary DesignSponge


Design*Sponge DIY Apple Stamp Runner
With fall in full swing, it seems that everyone is heading out to their local orchard and picking apples. The after effects of those trips are an abundance of indulgent desserts flooding my Instagram feed. Instead of using all of the apples to make pies and other yummy treats, I thought why not decorate my kitchen table? Using an apple stamp I made myself, I created a simple and chic table runner that’s perfect for fall. I stuck to a black and white color palette so the overall look steers clear of “elementary school art class” and stays firmly in my personal style. Whether you pick the apples from a tree or from the produce section, this is a great DIY project that will instantly add a bit of seasonal flair to your home.SEE IT ALL HERE!

{photo & words courtesy of DesignSponge}

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