art done right.

some people take in fine art with a true discerning eye. some just look at it to embrace culture. feel artsy. me? lately i’ve been scoping the national gallery to feel good about myself. my womanself. the curvy figures, the powerful faces, the appreciation for the perfectly natural woman’s body. the hips. the soft stomach. the reminder that we were created to bear children, nurture others, fill our skin. strength, power, shoulders back, deep breath. and just when i thought i was so out on my own planet on this one….i was totally redeemed. by photo editors and buzz feed…
CAUTION: link contains nude ladies. fine art, tasteful, nude ladies. and this is what they would look like if those demeaning photoshoppers got to them… gah.may we all channel our venus de milo. thank you, fine artists, for your appreciative eye and beautiful brush stroke. thank you.

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