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Decorating for Fall - DeTurk Design
  • Decorating for Fall - DeTurk Design

  • Carly here! It's that time of year! I have been searching for fall home decor ideas, and this post by DeTurk Design was the perfect inspiration! What are your thoughts? Have you broken out the pumpkins and gords? Ha! Decorating for Fall Can you believe it's almost fall and summer is mak[...]
  • Balance - Design for Mankind

  • Carly here! Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind wrote a post prior to the weekend which I think is the perfect Monday morning read. Since no day of the week seems to have as many lows as Mondays (right? is that a "thing?") and I love Erin's perspective of her high highs and low lows. It remin[...]
  • Warm Quinoa Salad - Regina Barker

  • Carly here! Ahh the seasons are changing and so are the recipes. This is the perfect summer-to-fall meal. Created by Inspo contributor Regina Barker, I think the warm temperature of this quinoa salad is the perfect accompaniment to our first chilly days. Warm Quinoa Salad I love this warm[...]
Hairstyle Trends for Fall - Rachel Zoe
  • Hairstyle Trends for Fall - Rachel Zoe

  • Carly here! I don't think I am alone in saying that, more often than not, my hairstyle "trend" of choice is the ponytail. But occasionally I invest some time into doing my hair and I wonder (before attempting the beach-waves style for the hundredth time) what exactly is on trend in hair these[...]
  • Before Summer Ends - Ree Drummond

  • Carly here! We are two days into September, which means I've already been subjected to social media's love fest with "fall is here!" I have seen photos of people with their pumpkin chai lattes, tweets about "cozying up" and "chilly mornings," and claims of leaves starting to fall. And that is all[...]
  • Cookie Ball Recipe - Nyoutritious

  • Carly here! I am back with Regina Barker's latest dessert recipe and it looks amazing. As usual, she includes some unpredictable (healthy) ingredients so you will have to check the recipe out! Cookie Balls Cookie ball? That’s right. In other words, the infamous chocolatey snacks that [...]
  • Back to School Inspiration - Dooce

  • Carly here! My girls go back to school this week. I always have mixed feelings about the start of school, since I get sad leaving them after spending 24/7 time with them over the summer. But they are so excited about new teachers and classroom buddies that I am excited for them too. Regardless of[...]
  • Grilled Mahi Mahi - Katie's Counter

  • Carly here! My girls start school next week so even though we're only halfway through August and it's pushing 90 degrees outside, it feels like summer is over. Too soon, too soon! I am dragging my feet on fall jackets, suede booties, pumpkin spice lattes and changing tree leaves. Well, actually, [...]
  • Motherhood Around the World - Cup of Jo

  • Carly here! Lifestyle blogger Joanna Goddard from Cup of Jo has a fascinating series on her blog called "Motherhood Around the World." I love reading the excerpts from different mothers around the world, and the cultural differences that impact their parenting (and just their lifestyles in ge[...]
  • Herb + Hemp Seed Falafels - Nyoutritious

  • Carly here! The always resourceful Inspo contributor Regina Barker features a homemade version of one of her favorite "take-out" dishes. Check it out. Herb + Hemp Seed Falafels I love friday nights. It’s our “date night in” most weeks, and the night we spend catching up over a glass o[...]
  • Chalkboard Art - Magnolia Mom

  • Carly here! I think the chalkboard trend is really cute, but I've discovered that it is much harder than it looks to write something that doesn't look like it belongs in an elementary classroom. This DIY from Magnolia Mom gives great pointers on how to write "pretty" on chalkboards, and even [...]