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i have this friend named whitney. and i can honestly say that she is one of the most beautiful women i’ve ever known. her gorgeous face and warm, inviting smile give way to a beautiful head of hair and impeccable style. and of course, most importantly, is her heart. and her’s is pure. and kind. and loving. and was nurtured on a hog farm as the youngest of 4 girls in the cornfields of indiana.

whitney has embarked on a little venture- sharing the love & eye she has for fashion for her little ones with all of us. hand-selecting pieces, styling it all together, sewing custom alterations. for mama’s of the very keenest eye and utmost practicality in spending. i’m so excited to share her work and her words with you today. i’m working with whitney to create a perfect shop opportunity for inspo readers on her page- let’s see what we can do… ENTER INSPOLOVE at check-out and let’s see what kind of love you can stir up for her and i can stir up for you..!

my friends, i’m so happy to introduce you to Whitney & Baby Dahl Boutique:


Tell us a little bit about your unique upbringing and some things that inspire you creatively?

I’m the 4 youngest of four girls, and also was raised on a pig farm-yes every farmers dream to have 4 girls, 4 girly girls at that. My mom loved dressing us up in the big frilly dresses, matching socks and patent leather Mary Janes but cost was an issue when it meant doing that x4. I remember every Saturday morning we would line up in an assembly line to put sponge rollers in each other’s hair so it would be curly in the morning for church, all the little things :)
My mom actually taught me a lot about shopping, what looks to go after but not having to spend a fortune, and start at the clearance first. So growing up number 4, I was queen of hand-me-downs.
Growing up I used to receive compliments on style and clothes but it was all due to the fact I had older sisters in high school and college that kept me up on the latest trends and we actually all (mom included) wore within a size or two different so could share all our clothes. My second oldest sister (thatgirlwith5kids) was really good at introducing my styles, and living in the country styles and trends took a bit longer to reach us, making it easier to stay ahead.
All 4 of us girls were in 4-H for 10 years, so after 40 different outfit combinations to design, sew, create & accessorize- the creativity was sure to flow input household.
If you know me well you know I have a crazy memory, memory on the strangest things. My mother-n-law often will reference me on what outfit she wore last summer or 3 thanksgivings ago and sadly I tend to remember each one.
I guess incorporating opinions and styles from 3 older sisters and a very fashionable mom I became choosey on what to wear with what, when and why. My sisters and I will still have conversations about what our kids wear, why different colors look good and what styles each child is fit for (yes, we all stay at home)
So my love for fashion started at a young age of hand-me-downs and clearance rack but I wouldn’t have it any other way :)


What do you hope to accomplish in running your own shop?

One huge joy in my life is being a stay a home mom, and feel blessed to be able to. But with most stay at home moms, time to myself is much needed. So with my passion for fashion , a little creativity and time during naps I decided I would venture into the etsy world and see what creations I could come up with on my own.

It started wih making headband and accessories and modifications to existing peices, and then the bigger picture. Clothes.
I didn’t know what to expect, not had many goals in mind expect for wanting to remain a stay at home mom and not to be working while I was spending time wih my kids.
I’ve been blown away by the words of encouragement and love along the way.
What motivates you?

Motivation comes from the verse  Corinthians 10:31: so whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all for the glory of God. After all, my success amounts to nothing if it’s not honoring The Lord.


Your children are ridiculously adorable, do they love being a part of your shop in photos and ideas?

As you have probably gathered, my biggest models are my Children. My son (aka: the ornery four year old) actually loves posing and getting his picture taken. Unfortantley boys clothes don’t sell as well as girls, the news for him is less.
My daughter occasionally enjoys the picture taking process, but 90% of pictures taken are bribed by suckers and stickers :) and she often says “mom, are we havig a photo shoot? I get candy right” she’s starting to know the process by now.


You are such a beautiful and confident woman. Have you ever had to overcome insecurity and self-doubt?

Something I felt super insecure about was what others thought, I was afraid at trying new things in thoughts that I may fail. I was a very friendly person but had a hard time addressing unfamiliar people in case their reaction would be less than expecting.
As I went to college, I found my self surrounded by constant encouraging, loving and motivating people. Maturity started developing, I challenged myself to study abroad and take missions trips to unfamiliar places, places that didn’t matter if you failed or not. Being in that environment grew my confidence, since being married and giving up corporate world and following my dream and passion to be. Stay at home mom I found myself questioning similar things. Was I doing a good job at this new role, was I failing?
I started seeking the Lord’s guidance on finding myself in the midst of a day surrounded my serving others. God quickly brought me back on my passion for fashion, accessorizing, creating and communicating. Strange as it sounds, one thing I have loved about starting my own business are the people I have met. I love talking and meeting new people and love to see how people re-create fashion in different ways than I have chosen.


If you could give a word of wisdom to anyone looking to start a business or a new adventure, what would it be?

Advice I can give someone thinking about the stepping outside their comfort zone-GO for it!! You will never know what you’re actually capable of or how God can use your gifts until you try! I mean besides I few suckers, what do you have to lose.


THANK YOU WHITNEY! Inspo readers, please check out her store and enter INSPOLOVE at checkout for some special inspo/babydahl lovin’


  1. by Sweet Mama Makes on November 13, 2014  9:14 pm Reply

    I loved reading this! I could feel your personality shine through the words, Whitney! My favorite creation of yours is still the white prom/wedding dress you made. I love that your passions have followed you through each stage of life!

  2. by Shelby on November 13, 2014  11:29 pm Reply

    Awe, beautiful Kacey!
    That was great! Your words are amazing! I love love reading your articles, and if course, LOVED this one! So proud of you for doing what the Lord has given you, this amazingly, unique, and savvy way of writing! Your kind words are truly an inspiration to us women! I love reading your articles and I love what you are doing in the Lords name! Love you, dear friend!

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