Beauty: Pale Winter Nail Shades- The Love Cats, Inc.

i felt some relief when i read this next post. that indeed, there are others who appreciate light colors EVEN in the autumn/winter months. i’ve had my eye on a minty green/blue but i have avoided it thinking it was somehow just wrong. this post helped remind me that if i go with my gut, it’s right. and i like living that way. on things bigger than nail polish…

from helen of the love cats, inc:



best nude pale nail shades

Although my instagram may tell a different story, pale nail shades have been top of my nail polish drawer (does that even make sense?) recently. There’s something so nice about a dark wintery outfit and a nude or light nail colour, or is that just me? For those who stay away from the blacks and berry shades of AW, this post is for you!

{photo & words courtesy of The Love Cats Inc.}

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