“Because one is enough…”- Flower Patch Farmgirl

this story posted by flower patch farmgirl is contagiously happy and ridiculously inspiring. such a great reminder to 1. just GO FOR IT and 2. keep in mind that affecting just ONE is worth all of the effort and forethought. love, think, do. i love this story so much.

from flower patch farmgirl


Last Saturday

I’m never cryptic just for the sake of building mystery.

When I asked you to pray last week for our big/little plan we’d hatched for Saturday, I didn’t mean to be coy or get anyone too keyed up. I was just feeling shy about things. I didn’t want to jinx it by saying too much. Our idea was a bubble in our chests – a fragile, quiet thing. pop! (<< – That’s what I was hoping to avoid.)

I had a handful of friends who emailed or sent texts or grabbed my arm in person after reading my post and said something to the effect of, “Hey, what the heck are you doing Saturday?” I got all blushy and spilled it. Now, it’s your turn.

Blog pic

A year ago, we had the idea to offer free family pictures to our neighborhood. I’m not sure what inspired this, other than two simple realities 1) My husband takes pretty pictures and 2) Many of my neighbors might not have the opportunity (for lots of reasons) to do this thing that we take for granted.

In the end, we ran out of October. The dreamy light retreated and all the leaves turned brown underfoot. Blerg. Maybe next time.

It came up again this September. Here’s how the conversations usually went:

Me: We should do the picture day this year.
Him: Yep. Let’s do it.
Me: Okay, when?
Him: I don’t know. We’ll have to look at our calendars.
Me: Our month is busy…
Him: I know…
Me: But we should at least try.
Him: I agree.
The end.

As in, we never got anywhere. We never actually did anything.
We talked and yammered and hemmed and hawed but the simple task of sitting down, picking a date, and marking it in pen was apparently too much action for all our good-minded chatter.

Here’s the root of it: Once you write it down, you’re accountable. Even if it’s just to yourself.
The truth is, we were scared. I’m not entirely sure why.

Our instinct was to…

{photo & words courtesy of FlowerPatchFarmgirl.com}

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