Big Words Can Come in Small Packages- Huff Post

happy monday.

i came across this huff post article about 60 small-ish words that probably aren’t in your vocabulary but definitely should be. how great are words? so much meaning can be wrapped up into one little noise. the older i become and the more time i spend investing in the exercise of writing, the more i have come to love the power of words. especially finding the right one.

enjoy finding some words to try out for a test run.

ah, the vitative girl tootlishly explains her appreciation of trantles and quoz acquaintances as she thobs about positive living…

(a few of my favorites below…) from huffpost:

Big Words Can Come in Small Packages




3. terete: torpedo-shaped

5. sinistral: on or to the left

12. tootlish: muttering in a childish way

14. vitative: loving life

27. begrutten: having a face swollen from weeping

37. empasm: fragrant powder

38. clou: center of attention; cynosure

39. trantles: things of little value

49. ocreate: wearing leggings or boots

53. quoz: strange or absurd thing or person

59. thob: to rationalize one’s opinions or beliefs


{words & pictures courtesy of huff post}

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