book list. twice.

perhaps it’s because i seem to be in the midst of coming-of-age? i’ve recently discovered my lifelong love of coming-of-age tales. i’m a sucker for underdogs, feisty protagonists, think outside the box-ers. so when my amazing friend, kate, recommended this book. i added it to the list. twice, for good measure. not only because it was from amazing friend, kate, but because it also seems to be the absolute sweetest coming-of-age story.

and while i’m at it, coming-of-age when it’s mixed with incredible artistry and an indie spirit? i’m done-zo. like this movie and this movie, too. any underdog books or movies on your list? the goldfinch is already on mine, too. as well as finding out who did the PR for that one…it is everywhere, and that’s a bandwagon i can’t help but jump on!

happy reading.

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