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Breakfast Quinoa Loaf

Carly here!

Inspo contributor Regina Barker posted an appetizing breakfast bread on Nyoutritious. She had me from “all you need is a mixing bowl and a spoon.” Anything that starts with minimal clean-up and ends with a nutritious breakfast solution sounds good to me!

Breakfast Quinoa Loaf

Breakfast Quinoa Loaf

This quinoa loaf is so delicious and a great breakfast solution that is so easy to whip up if you have a little extra cooked quinoa on hand. And you don’t need anything but a plain mixing bowl + a wooden spoon for this one! (minimal clean up is my favourite!) 

As I’ve mentioned before, I like to cook up a few staples each week to have handy in my fridge so all I have to do is literally assemble my lunch or dinner rather than cook everything up every night. This often means I have cooked quinoa ready in the fridge, which comes in handy for this recipe.

In the process of fine tuning the recipe for this I ended up with a lot of extra batches, some of which I sliced and froze for later. Turns out, this loaf freezes super well and is easily heated in the oven for a few minutes, which makes it taste freshly baked!

what’s good about it?

Nutritionally it is full of satisfying nutrition and fibre, which means it gives you a steady supply of energy that will keep you full for longer and help stabilise your blood sugar and minimise sweet cravings. It is naturally dairy and gluten free, which means it is easy for the body to digest and full of unrefined goodness that will leave you feeling energised rather than bloated and sluggish. I love the subtle taste of nutty buckwheat, but it is equally as delicious with almond flour or spelt flour. Check out the substitution notes for exact quantities as the do vary between the different flours.

I love serving this with a little nut butter topped with sliced banana and a few extra walnuts.


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