Broccoli + Leek Green Soup – by Regina Barker


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Inspo contrbutor Regina Barker posted a scrumptious soup to her website, Nyoutritious, that is the perfect pairing for spring. The Broccoli + Leek soup will have a big fan base at my home because broccoli is one of the few vegetables that 100% of my family members enjoy. I cannot wait for the first rainy spring day to warm up with this tasty recipe. Regina writes-


broc soup

This recipe is a perfect spring soup… delicious and satisfying, not to mention amazing for your digestive system, liver and your skin.

Spring time is a season where many of us give it an extra nudge in efforts to boost our health and lighten the toxic load after a long winter. While I’m no believer in strict detoxes, juice fasts and the like, I do find myself craving lighter foods as the days get longer and the temperatures warm up. There’s something very uplifting and therapeutic about preparing fresh and colourful spring meals this time of year as the season change. And for me, that means plenty of salads, fresh fish and light soups, which where this recipe fits in perfectly.

It is simple yet tasty. Fresh yet hearty and light while still being filling. Vegetable soups are a great way to boost your overall health and support natural detoxification as they are rich in nutrients that are incredible easy for the body to digest. Efficient digestion means that the body can focus more on repairing and rejuvenating cells, which is crucial for optimal health. Broccoli is particularly great for the liver – the major organ responsible for ridding the body of all sorts of toxins we ingest through the air we breathe, foods we eat and toxins we absorb through our skin. Amazing right?! Whenever boosting detoxification is on our radar, supporting the liver is an absolute must given the fact that the liver is the organ doing most of the work! As they say, “as our liver goes, so goes our overall health”.

READ THE REST (including the recipe) HERE.

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