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this broccoli salad by one of my fav gals, regina, is off the charts. for some reason, my kids eat broccoli and jazzing it up a little bit is a big hit. and her insight into the raw vs cooked debate, amazeballs (is this the first ever amazeballs about raw food?*). thank you for being so on it, regina, so that we can all benefit, too.

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Broccoli Salad With Cashew Dressing + Raw vs. Cooked Broccoli

broccoli salad

Eating broccoli can get a little bland from time to time and this salad is the perfect way to pep it up and make it a little interesting. It is packed full of antioxidant power and detox enhancing nutrition that will do your body good during this winter. Dressed with a creamy and delicious cashew nut dressing, which is a new favourite of mine, and then sprinkled with a few seeds and raisins that add extra flavour and perfect sweetness. Cashews are perfect for adding creaminess without the use of dairy and up the overall protein and monounsaturated fat content as well as being high in essential minerals such as zinc, selenium, magnesium and iron.

Broccoli is a fabulous vegetable for the winter season as it is great for boosting the immune system. Just a single cup (around 90 gm) provides more than your daily need for vitamin C. And vitamin K. As well as a balanced supply of B vitamins – all of which help support healthy immune function + energy levels. Broccoli also boosts the body’s natural detoxification systems and is packed with detox enhancing compounds called glycosinolates, not to mention potent antioxidants that fight to protect and keep our cells healthy and young looking. Go buy some broccoli!

to cook or not to cook?…

The raw food movement has gotten a lot of attention in the last few years and has become a trendy thing to label yourself. I don’t like labels. Not even the fancy ones. And I think comparing the healthfulness of raw vs. cooked food is complicated, with many more mysteries surrounding how the different molecules in plants interact with the human body to be discovered. Research is also often conflicting when it comes to finding out whether or not certain foods are better eaten raw or slightly cooked, but the one thing I do appreciate about emphasising raw foods is that it straight away rules out all processed foods, which in and of itself is sure to make a big difference. That said, I believe it is a misconception that all vegetables are always best when eaten raw, and looking at research, it becomes evident that certain vegetables are more nutritious and better digested when cooked (source). It is also important to be mindful that every single body is different and that people with impaired gut function will often digest vegetables better when they’re cooked.

Since this post is all over broccoli, I figured I’d shed some light on whether raw or cooked broccoli is more beneficial. While many may think that raw broccoli is far more nutritious than cooked, research confirm that eating it raw or lightly steamed is the most beneficial as this preserves the most nutrients, antioxidants + anti-cancer compounds and make them easier for the body to absorb. And by “lightly steaming” I’m talking no more than 3-4 minutes. This means your broccoli will still have quite a lot of crunch and look almost raw. The timing is important as over cooking broccoli (and most other vegetables for that matter) will ruin much of the nutrition and result in a significant loss of nutrients, which will leach into the water…


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