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there is a female superhero that is coming up against some of our world’s biggest issues. she is powerful and brave and ridiculously relevant. she is not ok with accepting the way things are and is encouraging girls to do the same. to fight for their right- to be educated, safe, and flourishing. she’s a pakistani superhero and her voice is being heard. ‘Burka Avenger’ is in its 3rd season and is now being produced in 5 different languages across the region. here, huffington post has gone behind the scenes with the production team for the show- which is proving to be as brave as the superhero they are portraying…

Pakistani Superhero ‘Burka Avenger’ Uses Books As Her Weapon

She’s a mild-mannered teacher by day and a fierce keeper of the peace by night.

ISLAMABAD — On a recent workday in a labyrinthine building in Pakistan’s capital city, young men and women in t-shirts, kurta tops and jeans stared intently at computers in a maze of offices and cubicles. Around them unfolded a style of workplace not typically associated with the country’s best-paved city, known for a suburban calm that remains a sticking point in the age-old question of whether Lahore’s soulful bustle is superior.

At the Islamabad-based animation studio known as Unicorn Black, even the walls pulse with creative activity. Nearly each hosts an image, some printed on slick poster paper, others drawn directly onto the vertical surfaces with pencil, mostly of a young woman in a form-fitting black bodysuit, a cape usually flapping righteously behind her. In each portrait, a determined pair of eyes peek out through the dark cap segmenting her face. 

<span class='image-component__caption' itemprop="caption">One of many sketches of Pakistan's leading female superhero decorates a wall in the Islamabad studio, Unicorn Black.</span>
One of many sketches of Pakistan’s leading female superhero decorates a wall in the Islamabad studio, Unicorn Black.

She is Jiya, fictional star of Pakistan’s most popular homegrown cartoon, “Burka Avenger.” The country’s first female superhero is a mild-mannered teacher by day and a fierce keeper of the peace by night. Her nocturnal incarnation uses books as weapons and fights for causes unique to the region — polio awarenessliteracyanti-radicalization efforts — all while wearing a stylized burka in the form of her jet black costume…


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and check out a teaser for the new season…

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