Burn the Candles- Shauna Niequist

question: do we feature everything that shauna niequist writes? answer: pretty much. she’s got some really great things to say and strikes such a beautifully inspo tone that we just get excited about highlighting it, sharing it, and passing it along. yesterday she wrote about her new years resolution. and also just shed some lighthearted vibes on new years resolutions in general. that she’s cool with setting them. and breaking them. all year long. and i, for one, am excited to join her momentum of burning my candles. and wearing my fancies and drinking the good stuff. and i find it lines up perfectly with my theme of CLAIM for the year. without further adieu…

from shauna niequist:



new years resolutions
Happy New Year! I’m one of those people who loves resolutions. I make like a million a year. I make them in January. I make them on Tuesdays and in the summer, and in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep. Part of the reason I think I like making resolutions is because I also love breaking them, and because I forget about them without an ounce of angst. So I make them and leave them behind, willy-nilly. If you know me, you know that willy-nilly is sort of how I am in a lot of ways.

I have a few goals for the year—mantras, phrases, guidelines. I have some fresh starts and intentions, and like everyone else in America, I did tell myself in no uncertain terms that I must go to the gym today…


{beautiful photo & words courtesy of ShaunaNiequist.com}

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