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i just got an email from my landlady. my landlady who has become a very cherished acquaintance. she is a english lady through and through. and she is a published author with a specialty in fine art, she is a world traveler and she uses words like “fortuitous” when she bumps into you on the streets of london, taking off her big glasses and fur hat to reveal her identity. but she also emails with so many !’s and “you’re a star”s and excitement and depth and connectedness that all speak to my !, star, connectedness soul. and seems to have a connection to every cool thing you tell her about. “oh yes, my son attended the boarding school there and was a choir boy in that very church you visited…” yes, she is the type of acquaintance that it is a true pleasure to have.

she sent me this email about an initiative for the refugees who have escaped ISIS and have landed in the kurdistan region of iraq. a region i am very familiar with as one of our previous nanny’s recently taught there for a year and made a visit to us in london during her teaching period- sharing all sorts of stories, insights, and gifts from the bazaar. anyways, there is an admirable lady named amy dean. and amy dean is an author and big heart carry-er. she spent time in kurdistan and couldn’t believe the pain and death at hand and decided to do something about it. she worked with the rise foundation to create the initiative i keep mentioning- #BUYABLANKET. just buy a blanket and provide warmth, hope, and potentially life for a refugee family. simple as that. it can be so daunting to think of trying to outdo the injustice and evil in the world with love. but the only way that happens is one act of love at a time..

from amy dean’s initiative with the rise foundation.

Winter is coming. 1.2 Million people need your help. For $10 / £7 / €8 we can deliver a blanket to a refugee family in need. #buyablanket

On 3rd August this year, Mariam and her brother and sisters woke to the terrifying sound of ISIS entering their village. Her parents grabbed their children and fled to nearby Mount Sinjar.

For six days, Mariam and tens of thousands of others cowered on the barren mountain, shivering through the cold of the night and sheltering from the fierce desert sun in the day. When their small bag of rice finally ran out, Mariam’s father made the hard choice to face ISIS, rather than starvation.

With hundreds of other families, they made the run from Mount Sinjar to the Syrian border, jumping over dead bodies and praying that the ISIS bullets would miss their mark.

Once in Syria they found their way to the north and then into the Kurdish region of Iraq. Now Mariam shares a tent with her parents and five siblings in a refugee camp sheltering over 120,000 victims of the ISIS advance.

WinterIsComing BuyABlanket PosterREAD MORE HERE.

and donate a blanket here!

{words & photo courtesy of Rise Foundation}


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