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kacey here.

there is this sweet and talented beauty called blaire. she is ridiculously smart and successful and works in finance. pull all that together and combine it with her passion for empowering women, and she is a force. she shares her insights and love with us at inspo and over at her newly launched blog The Market Confidential– a woman’s guide to thriving professionally. blaire is starting up a new series called “career spotlight” and she asked me to be her first interview. and i was like “huh?…”

such an honor. check out a teaser below and then link over to The Market Confidential and then go ahead and bookmark that one. there’s lots of good stuff to come…

thank you, blaire.

Career Spotlight: Kacey Lake

Career Spotlights are a little feature that we’re ecstatic to launch here at TMC. Each interview will be with different women, in different careers, in different seasons of life. Women are a beautiful, wildly diverse people group, which is truly amazing when you think about it. So we hope that you, especially those of you who may be trying to figure out what you want to do with your life, gain some knowledge and perspective here. and we hope you’re educated. encouraged. inspired.

This intro is a hard one to write. There’s so many beautiful, wonderful things I could say about this woman featured here today. Not only is she physically stunning, her soul is one of the deepest, most beautiful ones I’ve come in contact with. She’s driven.caring.genuine.thought-provoking.creative.encouraging.a trend-setter.others-focused.daughter of a King.a mother, wife, sister, daughter…the list could be endless. She’s one I’ve admired up close and from afar. I met Kacey Lake when we were both navigating the waters of college life at Taylor University. She lived a few doors down from me in our dorm, and I got to know her as we played flag football, had Bible study, and did life together with a dozen+ other girls on our wing. Kacey transferred after her freshman year of college (where she met her now-husband) back to Chicago (her hometown), and we lost touch, only to reconnect years later via technology. She now is married with 4 beautiful children, living in London, and is the founder/editor of the website, inspowoman. It’s safe to say things are slightly different than they were 10 years ago. Today, Kacey opens her heart, mind, and front door for us as we get up close and personal with this working mom.

Kacey 3

Tell us a little about how you wound up starting inspo. I’m assuming it took a little while to cultivate Inspofrom the vision you had originally into what it is today. How was that experience of bringing Inspo to life?

Good question! Where did it all come from… I guess that starts back in 2009 when my first baby was born and I got my feet wet in the blogging world- usually sending along baby updates and photos to family. I lived in Florida and Grandma’s & Grandpa’s were in the midwest. As I continued to write, my voice slowly evolved and my writing became more of a creative outlet than a baby update machine. I realized how much I loved the challenge and process of writing. Over the next few years, I had a couple more babies, moved houses… then states… then countries! And I would credit the biggest shift in my “voice” to when we moved our family to London a few years ago. I was so stimulated by all there is to see and taste and hear in this vibrant and ALIVE city. And I have been exposed to such an incredible variety of diverse, dynamic women who are doing so much good.

kacey 1

As I continued blogging and continued devouring the incredible blogs/stories/artistry of others, an idea came to me- to join all of our voices together instead of speaking over or even against one another. To applaud and highlight positivity in order to make the positivity even louder in this often harsh world that we live in. So it’s been about a year since I officially launched Inspo: A Positive Lens for the Modern Woman. A website dedicated to sharing and highlighting positivity. The vision is continuing to evolve- as visions are supposed to do! Into more of a joint workspace. An open canvas for others to create on and speak into and be a part of.

What is your vision for Inspo? What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of Inspo? What do you find to be the most rewarding?

The vision has always been positivity- cultivating it, creating it, recycling it. Speaking life and hope outwards. I would say the biggest challenge is getting done all that I want to get done. I wish I could dedicate so much more time to this space. And the most rewarding? Definitely featuring sisters that have shared their passion and art with me or with the world in another way. I love the collaboration side of this space. I love learning and growing and be inspired by other people.

I think that’s so genius. Us girls can be such a vital resource for each other. Having a space on the web that cultivates those relationships, ideas, and resources is invaluable, in my opinion. What is your greatest passion in life? How do you live it out?

Oh my, isn’t this the existential question… My passion and my purpose is my faith.


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