Chocolate Covered Cashew Caramels

Divine Chocolate Cashew Caramels

Carly here!

Inspo contributor Regina Barker recently shared on her recipe for chocolate covered raw cashew caramels. I am constantly impressed by her creativity in combining nutrition with delicious favor! Take a look (and a taste!) –

Chocolate Covered Raw Cashew Caramels

The word ‘divine’ pretty much sums up exactly how I feel about these chocolate covered raw cashew caramels. After making them dozens of times over the past few weeks, I still can’t believe that they are made from just a few simple ingredients and yet taste like real deal chocolate caramels this much!? I dunno, but they do… and they are ridiculously good. And chances are you probably already have the ingredients needed in your kitchen cupboard! All you need are some raw cashew, soft dates, coconut oil and some dark chocolate. And an S-blade food processor to blend it all up.

Divine Chocolate Cashew Caramels

I always have small treats like these or my raw brownies or energy balls in the freezer to substitute other common sweets. They’re especially great for kids, and have none of the nasty additives (colourings, preservatives, fake sugars, etc.) found in common candies and chocolate bars. While dates do contain natural sugars they also contain fibre, which help balance the release of energy and insulin response. And in combination with the healthy fats from the cashews and coconut oil, you’re not getting hit with a rush of pure fake sugar the same way you do when diving into a common commercial chocolate bar.

There are so many easy and healthier options out there and on this site, so go and check out theNyoutritious Index under the ‘Healthy Sweets’ section for more inspiration.

Divine Chocolate Cashew Caramels

My son, August, on his 3rd birthday scored some of the offcuts. 

Divine Chocolate Cashew CaramelsCLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE.


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