Coming Together on Girl’s Education- The First Lady’s Travel Journal

recently i’ve had heart tugs towards some totally new initiatives. some i’m not quite able to articulate yet. but i love it. and crave more. one is a greater awareness & appreciation of the voices on a more public level and governmental level. that true compassion requires action, otherwise its just dormant sympathy. and dormant sympathy doesn’t really benefit anyone.

i had a dream a couple of weeks ago that i was in preschool. and all of the other kids were complaining about how they wished they could do certain things- go play outside, wear a diaper, do an activity. and as one of the little students, i could see that all of these things they were complaining about were available to them if they would just ask the teacher and take what was already theirs. the teachers had a huge stash of diapers, art supplies, and a key to the outside and they were so willing to give these things out to the students. but they didn’t know that these items were desired because everyone was too busy complaining about what they didn’t have. and i couldn’t figure out what to do or say to bridge the gap. and then, i found my voice…

i believe there is so much that is available to us on a worldly level and on a supernatural level that we don’t tap into. anyways, i’m on a tangent as i prepare to introduce this great initiative by the first lady of the US to bring the peace corps in with girls’ education. and unite nations from across the globe together in making this happen. read on, it’s inspiring…


The First Lady’s Travel Journal: Coming Together on Girls’ Education

This post is part of a series authored by First Lady Michelle Obama to share her visit to Japan and Cambodia and the Let Girls Learn initiative with young people in the U.S.


I arrived in Tokyo, Japan last night, and this morning, I was proud to stand with Mrs. Akie Abe, the wife of Japan’s Prime Minister, as we announced a new partnership between Japan and the United States that will help girls around the world go to school.

It’s not surprising that America and Japan are coming together on this issue.

Mrs. Abe and I are both passionate about girls’ education — as are our husbands — and Japan is one of America’s strongest and most important allies. Japan and the United States also share so many values. We are both democracies and believe strongly in freedom of speech and religion and protecting the basic rights of all our citizens. Both our countries care deeply about education. And both America and Japan believe in helping other countries that have fewer resources — countries where people struggle with poverty and disease and where many young people, particularly girls, don’t have the chance to attend school.

As part of our new partnership, both Japan and the U.S. will be investing in…


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