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Carly here!

I am back with Regina Barker’s latest dessert recipe and it looks amazing. As usual, she includes some unpredictable (healthy) ingredients so you will have to check the recipe out!

Cookie Balls

Cookie Balls

Cookie ball? That’s right. In other words, the infamous chocolatey snacks that was creatively named by my son. Ha! And the name stuck. And now that’s what everybody around here calls them. It’s like they’re part of our family, and they are the epitome of the word “treat” to our kids. So its time to share the crazy cookie ball love, people.

The good news is that this recipe is one of the simplest ever. And it’s so so good!! Featuring just a few natural ingredients, they are a healthier alternative to many other sweets and taste just as good as your regular chocolate bar if you ask me. Made from three basic ingredients; dates, nuts and coconut, they are free from refined sugars but packed with health boosting natural fibre and healthy fats. Though dates are naturally sweet and rich in sugars, they also have a nutrient profile that is far superior to most other natural sweeteners and are packed with fibre, which helps slow the absorption of sugar and therefore has minimal impact on your blood sugar levels.

I love making these for people who assume that eating healthy and kicking fake sugars to the curb is boring and hard. These are hard not to love, and they are great to have on hand for when you need a little something sweet.

Before and after picture of blended ingredients… Simply process ingredients in a food processor and roll into little balls. 

Recipe type: Snack

Author: Nyoutritious

Prep time: 15 mins

Total time: 15 mins

Serves: about 15 cookie balls


  • 100 g soft dates (it is very important they are soft – Medjool dates or Deglet Noir are best)
  • 100 gm nuts (I prefer a mix of hazelnuts and almonds)
  • 50 gm coconut (flakes or shredded coconut)
  • pinch sea salt
  • 3 tbsp cacao or cocoa powder


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