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Helen Keller once wrote, “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” (The Open Door, 1957) And in our action-packed schedules, sometimes it’s hard to make time for “daring adventure.” (Unless, of course, taking side streets to avoid rush hour traffic is a version of “daring adventure.”) Perhaps that’s why vacation time can be your best chance to cook up an adventure. I have a hard time venturing far from beaches-and-white-sand vacations, but perhaps I need some “daring adventure” on my proverbial vacation inspiration board. Here is a blog post from travel blogger Lesley Murphy on her blog, The Road Les Traveled, on “10 of the World’s Coolest Adventure Hotels.” I’ve included my top two favorites from the list here, but read all ten right here.

10 of the World’s Coolest Adventure Hotels


6. Tierra Atacama, Chile

I’m a firm believer that it’s the little things that make life beautiful, and this is the very foundation upon which Tierra Atacama is built. With attention to detail as their specialty, this luxury all-inclusive hotel puts emphasis on efficient service, modern, local design, and tailor-made excursions into the Atacama Desert. Feel like stargazing in the middle of nowhere at midnight? You can do that. What about hiking a volcano? You can do that, too. The activities are as much a part of the affair as the unobtrusive service that can be seen in the warm staff, the welcoming guides and even the little milk chocolates that are delicately placed upon your pillow at night. More activities include observing the flamingos at Chaxa Lagoon, relaxing in the hot springs, floating in the salt lagoons, watching steam rise from geysers, or sandboarding your heart out.


10. Four Seasons Serengeti, Tanzania

Dying to see the Big Five in on safari in Africa? Catering to families and groups, Four Seasons Serengeti incorporates 12 suites complete with plunge pools, three restaurants, a kid’s club and watering hole – luring in wild animals for observation and photo opps. Now for the important stuff. Book the Big Five Family Safari and get the works: hot air balloon rides, up-close-and-personal wildlife meetings, cooking classes, spa treatments and gourmet cooking – the best way to do an African safari. Go big or go home, right?


{words & photos courtesy of The Road Les Traveled}

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