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my heart needed these words today. i always try to avoid saying how busy things are, 1 because i think there is massive power in words and when we focus our words on the positive, our hearts follow suit, and 2 because i believe that everybody is busy and so there’s no need to use the excuse when the person you are excusing yourself to is obviously busy as well. anyways, it has been a busy season. with moves & company happening around our home, another baby entering our family, travel, and just life in general. and yet… i have the opportunity to open our tiny london flat several times in the coming months- both for hosting women on the weekly and for hosting extended stays for family + friends. and while i tend to thrive on being grateful during the chaos, i know i stress in other less obvious ways that i don’t always link to what is actually going on. i have a God-given compartmentalization that works beautifully and harshly all at the same time. in may? there will be 9 people living in our 1600 sq foot home. 9! oh i really do love it so so much. but thank you, ruth simons, for always reminding me to see the point. creating margin, serving & being served and seeing God’s grace weaved into every single detail of life. anyone else need a reminder to open their home, their heart, for others and for personal growth & vulnerability? read on…

from ruth simons for gracelaced:


Creating Margin For Hospitality

Creating+Margin+For+Hospitality+|+gracelaced.comIt’s been a beautiful thing, finding our way back to a regular routine of hospitality. And when I say hospitality, don’t envision pinterest boards. Instead, picture spills and kids crying, scorched gravy, and gathering around a kitchen island.

Hospitality looks really different for every family and every season of life. 2014 was not a very hospitable year for the Simons household, as we navigated the treacherous waters of selling and purchasing a home. And now, even while rooms remain incomplete, artwork sits unhung, and tiling and painting projects continue to be unfinished, we are just so grateful to have a place to share, that those things don’t deter.

But hospitality doesn’t always look like a dinner invitation or an evening chatting and scooping ice cream. Sometimes hospitality looks like

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{photo & words courtesy of Gracelaced}

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  1. by Hester on April 28, 2016  5:34 am Reply

    I have watched beaches, on a loop for nearly a week. Ha. Great flick. perfect work.And I used to work at a plastics factory mass producing parts for all sorts of large volume contracts. I worked for the big guys.the song from it’s fictional mu2Oial:&#82s1;ch industry” ( shown in beaches) spoke volumes and compassion to me. I am such an appreciative human being for the warm familiar feeling i have when I see your work. I think of you as such a dignified human being.

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