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1180628a life changing book, Deep Unto Deep puts into words what has been stirring in my heart in this rich season of life. beautiful, invigorating, paradigm shifting words. i plan on reading this over and over and over again and sending it to so many of my friends. i have started to understand “being found in His love story” and i can’t get enough. He eagerly awaits our time & affections & pursuit.

7015635this book Food Rules has been referenced so many times that i needed to pick it up and read it myself. it’s been one of those seasons of focusing on healthy, whole eating in the Lake household. bryon and i snickered when we saw a sign in a shop the other day with the type face “the green monster.” because that’s how he thinks of me in our kitchen… anyways the book is good, very short and not all that revolutionary, but enjoyable.
18126822Notes from a Blue Bike was my vacation book that has been so much more than just a vacation book. all about intentional living. i expected “put down your phone & multi-tasking and be in the present…” but it’s beyond beyond. making decisions of how we want to live and acting on those decisions. such great insight, such inspiring practicality. highly recommend! especially if you move & travel or desire to move or travel…

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