“Dad, Do You Think My Teacher is Pretty?”- Confessions of a Parent

really appreciating this man’s perspective as a wife, a mother, and a woman.

from Confessions of a Parent:

“Dad, Do You Think My Teacher Is Pretty?”

picked my son up from school the other day and he asked me a rather awkward question- “Dad, do you think my teacher is pretty?” While some men might think very little of the impact of their answer to a question like this, I pay close attention to mine. As far as I’m concerned, these moments are opportunities to teach my son!


Let me begin by saying that this was not the first time he’s asked me a question like this. Similar questions have been blurted out in a Dick’s Sporting Goods, a Wendy’s restaurant, and even the dentist’s office in the past!

At times, he lacks what some might call…


{photo & words courtesy of Confessions of a Parent}

{lead image courtesy of HuffingtonPost.com}

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