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Daily Rhythms: London Calling

i had the privilege of being featured on a talented blogger‘s series entitled “daily rhythms” where she chronicles the life and daily tasks of her own life as a mama and now others around the world. fascinating similarities between the life of littles in a rural town and in a big city! you may remember said talented blogger, kate, from her recent guest post on inspo “To Etsy or Not to Etsy.” anyways, i was able to represent motherhood in london last week and here is the post…

from Sweet Mama K:

Daily Rhythms: A Guest Post/London Calling

I’ve been writing a series called Daily Rhythms.  You can catch up here.

A few weeks ago, I chronicled an entire day in the life of Sweet Mama K.  Today, I am happy to share with you a slice of life from all the way across the world.


Kacey (you may remember her as the founder and chief editor of inspowoman) lives in London, England with her family of 5 and I was so happy when she decided to share with us what a typical day looks like for them.  I think you will find her life, with all its similarities and differences to ours, so interesting.   There are two things I especially enjoy about this narrative : 1) the names of their English friends (okay, alright, I am a self-admitted baby name enthusiast…I guess this even translates to other countries).  and 2) Her pictures.  The one of her eldest in the eye exam chair looks like something straight out of a turn of the century movie.  So dreamy. Enjoy.


The day starts at 5:30 am when my alarm goes off. But let’s be honest, I’m incoherent thru snoozes until closer to 6. I make my way down from the 3rd floor master suite in our London flat, stopping on the 2nd floor where my daughters (5, 3) and my son (2) are sleeping soundly in their respective girls and boy rooms. Slowly (& ridiculously quietly) I push the girls’ door open and hang a scarf on the inside doorknob…


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  1. by megan on October 27, 2014  12:26 pm Reply

    this post only awakened me to that fact that you're even more amazing than I already thought you were.
    and...that picture of fal having her eyes tested is my new favourite picture...love that gal.

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