day 2. of 31.

yesterday i laid in bed thinking of all of the wonderful things i would write about this month. focusing much on how i would filter out all of the noise and filter in peace, happiness and Jesus. and then as i thought about today’s post,
and then and then, i opened my bible study this morning and sure enough:
yes, this. taking away all of the things that distract me from experiencing more of Jesus and begin to understand more clearly- being the hands and feet of Jesus. because He is love, joy, acceptance, power, kindness, compassion, confidence and to be even a little bit one of these things, i need zero distraction and certainly His help. so today’s simplifying is simplifying what i’m going to simplify. what? that counts.
also, i read best friend’s blog post yesterday and she already did the whole organizing what she was going to say before she just came out and said it. and it made me smile. because that’s her. and that’s me. and at one time i would’ve thought that maybe i should be more like xyz, and i love that i love that we’re all so different. and He made it that way. and He loves me & all my stuff and you & all your stuff. and that’s a really great position to be in.
so a plan for simplicity. the way i plan. “do you have a to-do list of all we have to get done before moving to a different country with 3 little kids, dear?” (as she points to her head) “yes, yes i do….”
i’m planning some sort of make-up free monday. and planning to ask a few friends to join me. look out, loved ones.
today’s bible study made me realize how distracted i am by figuring out what we are all going to eat in a day. simplicity in taking 20 minutes each evening to decide ahead of time.
i’m taking “hurry up” out of my vocabulary for the month.
there will be a closet purge. for all 5 of us.
there is something in the making of ongoing conversations with Jesus. just today He stood outside of the shower (facing the other way) while i got ready. and we talked about open hearts for the alpha group today and for spirit-filled words for the wonderful friend i’ve made who is leading the group on this journey. he also joined me across the living room. and i talked to him very “yeah, so…” and it was invigorating and fun and challenging all at the same time.
and i just know there’s going to be more.
so, really, it’s not much of a plan at all. which, if you think about it, is a very simple way to do it. so check and check.

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  1. by Ashley on October 2, 2013  10:17 pm Reply

    Man do I love you. I might just say that in every comment on all of your posts. It very SIMPLY sums up how I feel towards you. And that was spontaneous. (Did you catch what I did there? Twice!?) ;) So glad you are in my life. You counterbalance me so very well. XO

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