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i woke up this morning with no clue that yoga pants was a current debate or hot-button subject. and then i stumbled upon a post by one of my favorite free-thinkers & sharers- lore ferguson. and then linked to a woman who has apparently been talking about it all over the place. and i still wasn’t sure how i felt about it. as one who often wears her exercise clothes- which are black yoga pants more often than not- all day long, i really hadn’t thought much about it.

and then, whilst sitting in starbucks later in the afternoon, i took note of the beautiful behinds of fellow females in the coffee line. and he was right, there wasn’t much left to my imagination. and then there was this one, oh goodness, with a tiny hole in the seam of her backside and the very evident outline of a thong underneath. and this sweet girl didn’t seem to have a clue and certainly didn’t appear to be doing it for attention. let’s just say, i saw things a little differently than i did before reading this post. and i knew at that point that i should repost this. oh yeah, and then i google imaged “yoga pants”…..


i am not quite taking a stand. and i think there are different convictions that are placed on different people’s hearts and it isn’t a true conviction if i just take it on myself unless i truly am convicted about it. and also there is a difference between conviction and condemnation and too often we think a true conviction is wrong because it feels uncomfortable and we assume it is a misplaced a condemnation- because we are free from condemnation. but at the same time, if we condemn ourselves into conviction then it is not truly a conviction at all.

what i do think is important? is talking about issues. and bringing up the things that are stirring within our hearts. and i appreciate that this is happening over at christianity today. and i appreciate that voices are being used and respected. this gal had some great points to add to the topic. any voices to add into the mix?! would love to hear your thoughts…

from her*menuetics for christianity today:

To the Christian Men and Women Debating Yoga Pants

FEB 42015
Make room for the Holy Spirit.

She comes in the coffee shop like she does every day. In every shape and size and age. She just worked out, she just had a baby, she just got out of bed, she’s headed out for the night, she is running errands. She is every woman—she’s you and she’s me. And she’s wearing yoga pants.

“There’s just not much left to the imagination,” thinks the guy sipping his coffee. “Not much extra room for the Holy Spirit.” He works hard to exercise discernment and accountability for the issues he had with porn in past years. He has a wife who isn’t getting younger. He has a fiancée with whom he is trying to maintain purity. He is inundated with flashy ads intended to wire male brains to think one thing about the female form. He is every man—he’s you and he’s me. And he’s surrounded by women in yoga pants…


{words courtesy of christianity today}

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