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Easter is less than a month away, and most years my DIY crafty side doesn’t venture far beyond dipping hard-boiled eggs into vinegar-and-dye. But this post from Magnolia from one of my favorite home design bloggers, Joanna Gaines  (from HGTV’s Fixer Upper fame), offers a pretty alternative to those egg dying projects. (Although, truth be told, there will be some of that going on this Easter too!) Please comment below if you feel up for trying this out with me this month! Anything that lists “large plastic egg” in the craft ingredients can’t be too difficult, right?

DIY: Easter Egg Planter

egg planter

With springtime just around the corner and the good news of Easter quickly approaching, these playful clay egg planters will add a fun touch of whimsy to your home and get you and your family in the Easter spirit!
You can simply plant some wheat grass seeds inside these cute planters and watch them grow, or replant already blooming flowers for an instant splash of color.
What you’ll need:
-Air drying clay
-Rolling pin
-Large plastic egg
-White spray paint (optional)
-Sand paper
-Plastic bag (to line bottom of planter)


{photo & words courtesy of Joanna Gaines}

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