Ellie Goulding for Nike. …and for strength.

oh i LOVE this partnership between ellie goulding and nike and all that it entails. i love the way ellie sticks to her convictions and uses her voice and influence to speak LIFE to women. speaking FIT into the place of THIN. health, vitality, self-care. the way she writes her music and is true to herself and the calls she feels on her heart. and i love love all of the ridiculous nike apparel. so fresh.

from nike:



Ellie Goulding’s bevy of talents ranges from the obvious — singing and songwriting — to the far less obvious — handstands.


 Yes, handstands. The award-winning multi-platinum artist is becoming somewhat of an expert in balancing her body on nothing more than a pair of palms and ten fingers.

On the surface, these handstands exhibit Goulding’s athleticism. But perhaps on a deeper level, they represent her knack for turning perspectives upside down.

The 28-year-old England native is more than just a powerful voice and a celebrity entertainer. She’s a beacon for a movement in which strength is the new standard of beauty.

“I feel quite proud to be an ambassador for women who realize that being fit is better than being skinny,” Goulding says. “I like the fact that I can be that role model. I still think there’s a little bit of work to do with promoting fit, not thin. But it’s getting there.”


For the full feature & more pics, read on here!

{photos & words courtesy of nike.com}


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