favorites friday.

hellooooo, friday!
did you see this? first time this boy ever experienced hearing. and it gets me every time.
this article on showing kindness by showing kindness.
and this article isn’t from this week, but as i referenced it in conversation with her today, i needed to re-read and remember all of the good in it.
when bry & i do a show. we DO a show. this one has got me ridiculously hook, line & sinker-ed and we are going to stay up way too late to finish season 1 tonight.
i recently fell in love with this dress. especially how she styled it.
and i’m such a sucker for oversized sweatshirts. recently with high waisted pants.
while i’m on products, this might be my most staple item in my makeup bag.
this weekend, we talked about heading here or here for date night. it feels really good to have such tough decisions.
…enjoying this light-hearted wrap up to the week. hope you are able to find your own moment of time to do the same as we move into the weekend…

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  1. by Ashley on February 3, 2014  10:50 pm Reply

    MY favorite thing? Reading your favorites! I love it. You WOULD, with that dress. Go for it. It would look good on you. ;) also, I just ordered the brow pencil after striking out at ulta. Can't wait till we can hit up makeup counters together someday soon. Miss you, best. XO

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