favorites friday!

i’ve loved allowing my heart to break, ache, and long for…. while following her pictures and narration in guatemala city.
reading about the lives of the athletes and their journeys along the way, best part of the olympics. amazing, uplifting story. thanks, mom.
sometimes bryon & i look at the exact same situation and have the exact opposite response. me: “well, i guess that’s the way it is.” him: “it should work like x,y,z.” it’s one of the zillion things i love about him. i think he’s an innovative thinker. i like innovative thinking.
next week i receive our first box from here. i’m excited for some energy & confusion to enter into my week night cooking. just what do you do with a jerusalem artichoke? you check the recipe card they include with it, that’s what you do…
this shop makes me want to have a party so i can invite people to a party.
amazing double-date dinner last night at barbecoa: brined & roasted chicken breast with creamy blackened corn, southern-fried banana & chili salsa. ok, AND the bread board with homemade chicken butter (you read that right) and burrata & san daniele proscuitto with blood orange, honey, almonds, peppery leaves & aged balsamic. and passion fruit & campari sorbet. in case you like to know all that was ordered…. all overlooking st. paul’s. highly recommend.
bry has been asked to a stag party & received tickets to a major rugby match this saturday. (cue manly noise…) and he has turned them down to join me here at fashion week. what a guy. good thing i have something up my sleeve for after…
(get your mind out of the gutter..)
happy weekend, my friends. may we all unplug from the week and plug in to those in our paths.

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