friday favorites

the best thing about having my own treadmill is not that i get to run again. that’s amazing. but the best part of having my own treadmill, in my own lower ground floor, in my own quiet corner… is that i get to lip sync and do hand gestures to the songs i’m listening to in a TOTALLY uninhibited fashion. i have not figured out if i am the only one that does this. ? . i do it when i’m running outside, too, but i usually tone it down a bit. but in my corner? look out. it’s like i’m on a dance floor with my husband at a wedding. which is one of my favorite places to be in the whole world.
i still feel the mojo running thru my blood from my naptime 10k. and so i haven’t decided if i should name this post friday favorites or truth tuesday… because imma bout to share some of my favorites from my running playlist. mind you, i go for cadence and i go for lip sync-ability. and pop…
run the world, beyonce
roar, katy perry
girl on fire, alicia keys
rolling in the deep, adele
clarity, zedd
paper planes, MIA
suit & tie, justin timberlake
live your life, ti
baby, the biebs. i know…
22, taylor swift
and i always always always end with: we are, kari jobe. to channel all of that female mojo and confidence in the right direction.
my favorite quote from the week? my wise friend whilst looking at pastries at my favorite chelsea spot:
“i’m good at saying no, but i’m not good at portion control.”
a fabulous bag that surprised me when my friend told me the label.

this art. and this art. i would love to make something like this happen on our walls.

this recipe for the weekend. i’m a little blue cheese & spinach and b is a little pasta. win win.

and finally, i’m already making tomorrow’s date my favorite with bry. because he picked it for my birthday.

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