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friday: hello, lover, it’s so nice to see you. sometimes you are just another day, but this week you feel extra special for some reason. i appropriately share favorites in your honor, friday. without further adieu…
a special friend sent me a link of this look. so, not only do i just think it’s a bangin’ look with my all-time favorite article of clothing, but it was so nice to be thought of.
i am so seriously considering one of these for our every day life.
this little balm has taken the place of my favorite beauty product ever ever ever.
i have been ordering this everywhere we go.
kids have so much good to lend the world.
if i had a couple of extra hours and a good work space, i’d love to do stuff like this.
wanna know something that can make a night of folding massive baskets of laundry while the husband is traveling, turn downright invigorating? ted talks. this one has been bouncing around in my head for a few days.
tomorrow we are celebrating savvy girl’s 3rd birthday. we discussed parties and outings and all sorts of over-the-top celebrations. her request? big ben with “just family.” and it filled my heart with so much joy. so tomorrow, we will spend the day talking about all of the many things we love about savvy (like her loyalty, her intimacy, her sense of humor, her passion, the way she throws her head back & squeezes her eyes shut when she laughs, her inner strength…) we will look at the big clock, and then we will picnic and play at the playground hidden just behind the big clock. oh yes. and we will eat a “pink cake with orange icing & pink sprinkles.”
happy weekend. i’m off to figure out how to make orange icing…

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  1. by Andrea Casalotti on March 28, 2014  11:49 am Reply

    Hi Kacey,

    Re: Christiania - excellent idea.

    Best way to take the plunge is hire one for a week-end/week from London Green Cycles,

    You will then wonder how you can live without it.

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