Grown up tableware.

editorthis week i talked about never feeling grown up. and i’ve gotten some really nice feedback about appreciating that and sharing their own never grow up mentality. well i’ve had this sorta related deep stirring recently and i think it would be a step in the grown up world.

and this deep stirring? is tableware. to get a proper set of ceramic dishes and, perhaps, a set of matching drinking glasses. our hodgepodge works great for our little family and i love the comfort tone it sets when i serve a classy chelsea mum with a plastic lego cup…. but the stirring will need dealt with soon. and here are some that i love…

285550-ce-flo-7661floris. from loaf.


artisan stoneware. by the white company london.


old havana. by anthropologie.


wheeler. by restoration hardware.

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 3.44.21 PM

florentine. by graham & green.


bronze age cutlery. by anthropologie.


katala titanium finish. at crate & barrel.

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