Guide to some Gift Guides

i have earmarked a couple of gift guides this season and am excited to share them with you. i love being inspired by the compilations & spreads pulled together by various creative & artistic minds- especially as we jointly think of loved ones. there’s certainly a balance to be had between allowing gifts and material items to be the driving force behind the celebration of Christmas and taking time to intentionally think about loved ones and celebrate them with a small token of love & appreciation. may we all continue to be reminded to fall into the latter half of the balance…

one of our contributor’s, mandy odle, has a beautiful heart for keeping perspective, shopping small businesses and supporting other artisans. empowering others who share their art and passion with material creations ranging from apparel to art to home decor. check out her picks here.




{photo courtesy of mandy odle}

and one of my favorites and regularly inspo spotlighted, shauna niequist, has pulled a gorgeous compilation of thoughtful and also charitable gifts. gifts that are sure to encourage and bless their recipients. check hers out here.

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{photos courtesy of giving keys and noonday collection}

and another of our contributors over at the market confidential, blaire greenwood, has put together a smart, attractive selection of gifts geared towards co-workers. i love her eye and keen sense of style & class. AND her $25 magic. check it out here.

Holiday Gift Guide $25{photo courtesy of The Market Confidential}

oh and this one, because naomi at love taza creates such a beautiful world for her littles. and her picks are fun & engaging & so visually attractive. check em out here.

ok, one more. let’s end with thinking on the men in our lives because the thought of pampering my lover gives me chills and smiles. lauren conrad has pulled together some fun & chic picks for the guys. check out her picks here.

happy christmas thinking & shopping. be blessed.

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