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i am madly in love with this idea from kate for the small things blog. she is so full of creativity and taste and all sorts of good stuff. i’m looking forward to her series on handmade gifts leading up to christmas, what a great start. and watch a hair tutorial while you’re over there…

from kate for the small things blog:


handmade gift: vanilla extract

I’m starting a new weekly series on the blog called “Handmade Gifts”. With the holiday season upon us, it’s fun to think outside the box a little with your gift giving. I tried to cover a wide range of gift options based on who the recipient is (anyone from a foodie to a beauty lover), and today I’m starting with homemade vanilla extract! I’m doing this one first so you have time to get some made prior to Christmas!


Do you know how easy it is to make homemade vanilla extract?

I almost feel stupid writing a blog post about it that could be summed up in about 3 sentences, but in case you are new to the process, allow me to explain in excessive detail.

Here is what you need…


{photo, idea and words courtesy of TheSmallThingsBlog.com}


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