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a gorgeous glimpse into the power of child sponsorship with compassion and a sneak peek as to how a beautiful little girl in a village in africa goes about her daily life.

from compassion blog…



Since Nyabwiri joined Compassion’s program in 2007, she gets safe drinking water at her child development center. But without the convenience of running water in their small home in the Tanzanian village of Mabatini, Nyabwiri and her family devote a significant amount of time to water-related chores.



Nyabwiri’s after-school tasks include filling jugs and buckets with water from a stream to carry home, where she lives with her single mother, older sister and two other relatives. Nyabwiri’s mom, Maria, sells tomatoes at a market but doesn’t earn enough to meet all her family’s needs.

When Compassion’s local church workers in Nyabwiri’s community came to her home in 2007 and told Maria how the Child Sponsorship Program could help her family, Maria registered her daughter. Nyabwiri has been writing letters to her sponsors, Randy and Gail Williams in Canada, ever since.


{photos and words courtesy of Compassion.com}

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