heartache & baby loss- casey leigh

casey leigh is one of the greatest truth tellers i’ve read. she speaks from the deepest parts of her beautiful heart while in the midst of the hard stuff. it’s one thing to go there after you’ve come out on the other side, but to share while you’re in the thick of it? that takes extraordinary courage, identity, and vulnerability. this post here? was the night she lost a baby. her 2nd miscarriage, 5th total pregnancy. and i’m so moved by her honesty, hope, and assurance of God’s sovereignty. and i’m thankful to know & love the same Jesus that gives her all of those good gifts mentioned above: honesty, hope, courage, identity, vulnerability. i’m so sorry, sister.


July 03, 2014

( I wrote this late Tuesday night )
Two babies lost. Two babies in heaven. Two heartbreaks.
I never thought I would say that, that was never a reality I wanted to be real for me. The thought of it being three or four is almost overwhelming. The unknown, the many lingering questions… they can be paralyzing. Ten weeks & two days and we lost our sweet one. Tonight, tonight she is still in me.
 Safe and nestled in my womb…but tomorrow, tomorrow I will have surgery. I will walk down a long, sad hall & lay down on a table. The same looking table that I lay down on for a c.section, wearing the same gown, with the same IV in my arm. Yet this time, this time
 I will go to sleep and wake up empty.
 The grim, heartbreaking reality of tomorrow could be suffocating but somehow God is overwhelming me with…
{post & picture courtesy of theweigands.com}

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